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March 31, 2007
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in the company of lovers by tentaclees in the company of lovers by tentaclees
Mahogany the succubus is *waltzinghippie's character. i thought she looked cool so i threw down some art for her.

and i think...i think i'm developing a pixel pattern fetish. *clutches the pattern stamp tool to her ample bosom*
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katezila Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2008  Professional Filmographer
Deuuude I think this is really cool. I love how you've done linework of other figures, and how it overlaps. This drawing gives such a clear picture of personality. It rocks.
tentaclees Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks a lot! when i was doing it i was kind of conflicted on which way was best to finish it. but i think the silhouettes turned out fairly well in the end.
dardasonet Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing amazing amazing! -inlove-
MonarchThe Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007
Wow, there is something deliciously sexy about this. O:
Izzy-of-the-corn Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2007
nice. I love the shiloutte
ToadslyQuinne Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007
I love her nose and lips. Also, her hands, horns and... [*raises eyebrow*] legs. Heh.
I think it's awesome that her fingernails and horns are the same colour. I'm sure lots of people would've been tempted to go colour-nuts and make them different, but I love the consistancy you've used. Nicely done, all over.
tentaclees Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:3 thanks much. i'm slowly trying to train myself out of just throwing down random colors that i think will look good, and concentrating more on relating the colors to each other. which works out much better IMO. now i just have to worry about not going nuts with the pixel patterns. xD
ToadslyQuinne Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2007
Once upon a time, I fell in love with the blur tool in PhotoDelux. ...I can't work any tools in Photoshop 7. S'why I don't' colour much.
Natohamae Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007
Wow! I love how you drew Mahogany. What a sexy beast~! :XD: :heart: The affect of leaving out her victims is a great way of making her the focal point too! Hope you don't think I'm a fave-whore, but I must fave this! I love the colours, how you showed her attitude off so well and *realizes she's rambling and forces herself to cut the comment short* Anyways yeah! :+fav:
tentaclees Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
not a prob, i'm glad you like. i really love her pale pink skin with the ivory horns. X3 she was fun to draw.
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